Computer Imaging with VECTRA

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Request Your ConsultationBefore your breast augmentation in Los Angeles, you’ll have many important decisions to make. Marina Plastic Surgery offers the VECTRA® 3-D imaging system to help you make the right choices regarding your breast implants. VECTRA’s three-dimensional computer models show you side-by-side, simulated before-and-after images. Your surgeon can use the program to show you a variety of possible outcomes by changing factors such as implant type, size and style.

If you’re wondering how breast implants in Los Angeles would change your appearance, contact Dr. Stevens or Dr. Macias right now and receive a free consultation when you request your appointment online. Our surgeons have set aside convenient times exclusively for Web visitors.

Your VECTRA Experience

Vectra 3D imaging breast animationWhen VECTRA is used during your consultation, Dr. Stevens or Dr. Macias will take precise measurements and then input the information into the VECTRA system. You will also be photographed so that your exact contours can be used when making the computer models. Dr. Stevens or Dr. Macias can then modify the images to show you how various breast implant choices will affect your surgical results. Together, you can decide which implants are right for you.

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The Pioneer

Dr. Grant Stevens has developed multiple innovative approaches to breast surgery.
Patients and peers from around the
world seek his skill and expertise.

Dr. Macias

Dr. Luis H. Macias offers a combination of personal intuition and medical insight.
He is known for his compassionate
care and his surgical precision.

Dr. Hammoudeh

Dr. Hammoudeh trained with several of the nation’s leaders in cosmetic plastic surgery.
He is an expert in advanced aesthetics.