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Request Your ConsultationDr. Stevens and Dr. Macias encourage you to learn all you can about Southern California breast enhancement. The more well-prepared you are when you come in for your consultation, the more quickly you’ll be on the way to a new you. When you’re ready, you can receive a free consultation when you request your appointment online and schedule during one of the convenient times our surgeons have set aside exclusively for Web visitors.

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Visit these manufacturer Web sites to learn more about your breast implant choices:

Need Answers?

You can get answers to some of the questions you may have at the Food and Drug Administration’s Web site:

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Hear feedback from real women like you:

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The Pioneer

Dr. Grant Stevens has developed multiple innovative approaches to breast surgery.
Patients and peers from around the
world seek his skill and expertise.

Dr. Macias

Dr. Luis H. Macias offers a combination of personal intuition and medical insight.
He is known for his compassionate
care and his surgical precision.

Dr. Hammoudeh

Dr. Hammoudeh trained with several of the nation’s leaders in cosmetic plastic surgery.
He is an expert in advanced aesthetics.