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Dr. Stevens Address Defective PIP Implants

CNN interviews board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Grant Stevens regarding defective PIP breast implants used for breast augmentation in Los Angeles and possible health risks associated with a ruptured implant. .

Dr. Stevens Discusses “Gummy Bear” Implants on Nightline

In a recent appearance on ABC’s Nightline, Dr. Grant Stevens explains why a growing number of his patients prefer the new cohesive-silicone-gel “gummy bear” breast implants. He says many women report that they look and feel more natural.

Teresita’s Foreign Implant Ordeal

When Teresita traveled to her native Venezuela from Los Angeles for breast augmentation surgery, little did she know the risk she was taking. After her return to Los Angeles, her breast implants, which were not FDA approved, began leaking, causing a serious health risk. Watch as Dr. Stevens explains what went wrong and urges women with implants not approved by the FDA to have them removed.
As seen on: KABC-TV Channel 7.

Erica’s Gummy Bear Breast Implants

After her pregnancy, Erica’s breasts lost volume and started to sag. Click here to learn more about the advantages of cohesive silicone-gel “gummy bear” implants over traditional saline implants, and to find out how Erica gained two full cup sizes with her Beverly Hills cosmetic surgery procedure.

Allison’s Augmentation

A pregnancy left Allison with “shapeless” breasts. Allison opted to have Breast Augmentation with Dr. Stevens to restore the shape and size of her breasts.
As seen on: The Learning Channel’s A Personal Story

Christy’s Mommy Makeover

After wanting a Breast Augmentation for over 20 years, and after rearing 3 children, 44-year old Christy Carleton finally thought the time was right to enhance her figure.
As seen on: Discovery Health Channel

Debbie’s Lift

Debbie can’t remember a time when she didn’t have sagging breasts, especially after having 3 children. She turned to Dr. Stevens for a laser-assisted breast lift and a laser bra.

Melanie’s Gummy Bears

After breast feeding a child, Melanie went from a B cup to less than an A cup. Melanie selected the safe, natural looking, Gummy Bear Breast Implants from Dr. Stevens.
As seen on: Channel 7 Special Assignment “True to the Touch”

Ana’s Aloha Body

Ana’s body changed after gaining weight and having children. She chose to combine Tummy Tuck surgery, Liposuction, Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation to fix her with loose skin and sagging breasts.
As seen on: The Learning Channel’s A Personal Story

Dr. Stevens on Entertainment Tonight

Dr. Stevens discusses the ThermaCool Facelift, breast augmentation without implants using the Laser Bra, and the new Gummy Bear Breast Implants on Entertainment Tonight.

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