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Request Your ConsultationEach year over 300,000 women in the U.S. choose breast enlargement. Most love their new look, but if issues arise, breast augmentation revision can help create the attractive, healthy look that was the initial goal. Dr. Grant Stevens and associates are breast augmentation revision specialists who serve Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and women throughout California.

You’ve made the very personal decision to have breast augmentation; shouldn’t you enjoy the pleasing results you deserve? If you’re interested in learning more about a revision, receive a free consultation at select times when you schedule your appointment online with Dr. Stevens.

Choosing Breast Augmentation Revision

When following a surgeon’s instructions regarding long-term breast implant care, most women enjoy satisfying results in the years that follow their procedure. But with so many thousands of breast augmentations completed each year, there will be women who are unhappy with their results. That’s where a breast augmentation redo from our surgeons can help.

Women may need breast implant correction soon after their initial augmentation or a problem may have developed over a longer time period. In many cases, women are simply interested in upgrading to the new generation of silicone gel implants. The recent FDA approval of Sientra’s fifth-generation, form-stable silicone gel implants may prompt some women to exchange their implants for these high-strength “gummy bears.”

There are several other reasons why a woman would be a candidate for breast implant revision:

1) Breast asymmetry and other aesthetic complications are common reasons for some women never being pleased with their first augmentation results from another surgeon. Breast augmentation revision makes sense for these women so they can finally enjoy the enhanced breasts they envisioned.

2) An infrequent but serious complication following breast enlargement surgery is capsular contracture. Capsular contracture occurs when the scar tissue that naturally forms around the breast begins to tighten and constrict around the implant, creating a hardened breast that feels and looks unnatural. A study by Dr. Stevens showed the new Sientra implants to have a lower incidence of capsular contracture than other silicone gel implants – good news for revision patients with capsular contracture.

3) Some women seek revision surgery to repair an implant that has deflated or ruptured. When a saline implant has ruptured, rapid deflation occurs. Though the saline is harmlessly absorbed by the body, the deflated implant creates an obvious cosmetic issue. For our patients, breast implant replacement can use a similar saline model, or both implants can be replaced with one of the newer silicone implants.

4) Pregnancy, weight loss and the natural aging process can cause breasts to droop, even for women who were initially happy with their augmentation results. They may need a breast lift (mastopexy) after several years to reposition their breast implants.

Breast implant revision surgery is a technically challenging procedure that, in most cases, requires greater surgical skill than the original breast enlargement. Los Angeles and Beverly Hills patients seeking breast implant revision might suffer from:

  • Significant scar tissue, either externally or internally
  • Thin and stretched breast skin
  • Chest wall anatomy that is dramatically altered

These factors can limit reconstructive options and require Dr. Stevens to employ customized corrective techniques to restore an attractive appearance. You can see their results when you view Los Angeles breast implant revision pictures.

Regardless of the reason you are considering breast implant redo, Los Angeles plastic surgeons Dr. Stevens and associates will take the time during your consultation to evaluate your cosmetic concerns and recommend a surgical solution that is most likely to achieve a beautiful breast appearance.

More about Implant Replacement

As all patients are told at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, breast implants are not likely to last a lifetime. When you choose breast enlargement, there is a chance you will need subsequent breast implant repair surgery. While a surgeon can take steps to minimize the risk of problems such as capsular contracture and implant deflation, these risks cannot be eliminated entirely.

To learn more about breast augmentation revision, get in touch with the surgeons at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates. You can receive a free consultation when you request your appointment online and schedule your visit during one of the select times our surgeons have set aside for Web visitors. You can also call us at (877) 298-9915 in Marina Del Rey. Dr. Stevens and associates are dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain your ideal beauty.

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