Why Choose Marina Plastic Surgery

Request Your ConsultationThe quest for the perfect breast is a meaningful and personal one for each woman. In Los Angeles, cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Stevens wants to help you feel empowered to make the right decision.

The best way to find out if our surgeons are a good match for you is to arrange a consultation today. You can receive a free consultation when you request your appointment online and schedule during one of the convenient times our surgeons have set aside exclusively for Web visitors.

A Winning Combination

Dr. Stevens and associates combined talents create a synergistic blend of experience and insight. Dr. Stevens is a pioneer in breast surgery techniques and is credited for developing innovative new approaches to breast lift, including The Stevens Laser Bra. His surgical methods have been adopted by other plastic surgeons around the world and he has trained many other physicians in using his techniques.

Focused on You

Dr. Stevens and associates know how central a woman’s breasts are to her self-image. They know that having a figure to feel proud of makes all the difference in the way she feels about herself. They take their role in transforming a woman’s shape and self-confidence very seriously. They take time in consultation to understand each patient’s objectives and concerns and to begin formulating a surgical plan that’s just right for her.

Building Positive Relationships

The relationships Dr. Stevens and associates have with their colleagues at Marina Plastic Surgery are filled with mutual respect and trust. Many staff members have been with the practice for years. The 3 nurses have over 40 years combined with Dr. Stevens, and Dr. Stevens’ patient coordinator has worked with him for almost 2 decades. In addition, the majority of their colleagues in the practice have chosen to have 1 or more procedures with Dr. Stevens.

Patients for Life™

Patients for Life is a concept at Marina Plastic Surgery that represents our commitment to building positive, lasting relationships with our patients. The variety of services available at our practice – both surgical and nonsurgical – can help our patients address their aesthetic concerns at any age. From facials to facelifts, we have you covered.

Questions to Consider

As you begin your own journey, you will want to choose your surgical partner very carefully. Some things you will want to ask yourself are:

Dr. Stevens and associates derive enormous satisfaction from creating results that make a difference in their patients’ lives. A powerful indication of their success in doing just that is the outpouring of admiration and appreciation they receive – unsolicited – from their patients. Phone calls, emails, and notes stream into Marina Plastic Surgery each week, thanking Dr. Steven for his work.

Another factor in your choice of surgeon will be his or her technical expertise. You will want to find out:

From their days in medical school when each graduated with honors, Dr. Stevens and associates have received numerous awards and accolades from a wide range of organizations. Both physicians are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and belong to a number of professional surgical societies. Each is involved in teaching the next generation of plastic surgeons at some of the country’s top programs.

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