Breast Implant Options Los Angeles

Request Your ConsultationIn recent years, Beverly Hills and Los Angeles breast implant patients in Southern California have seen their choices more than double. Now you can be assured that the right implant for you is available; one that will give you the look and feel you’re aiming for safely and effectively.

More choice is great news, but it also means there are more options to consider as you weigh the decisions ahead of you. You’ll need a knowledgeable, experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Stevens as your partner throughout the process. Between them, they have over 30 years of surgical experience and they have successfully placed thousands of silicone gel and saline breast implants. They are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons. All are well-acquainted with the wide array of implant choices, in fact Dr. Stevens is among only a handful of doctors in the nation leading patient trials of the popular “gummy bear implants” sanctioned by the FDA.

Implant filling is a key choice to make whether you choose silicone or saline. Each material has its benefits, and the physicians at Marina Plastic Surgery will help you choose the filling that works best for you. They’ll be able to show you actual implants and talk you through related topics such as smooth vs. textured cover material.

One of the first aspects of breast augmentation you’ll be thinking about is the size of your implants. Here, our surgeons’ experience with thousands of breast surgeries will be a real benefit. They know how to guide your decision-making process to ensure you achieve full, natural-looking breasts and avoid choosing implants that make you wish you had gone with a different size.

Dr. Stevens invests time and energy in educating their colleagues and the public about plastic surgery topics including implant options. Collectively, they have authored many journal articles, given dozens of presentations and lectures, appeared in the media many times and conducted nationally-recognized research and studies. All of our doctors are in prime position to help you navigate your breast implant choices.

Why not plan to meet with one of them soon? You can receive a free consultation when you request your appointment online and schedule during one of the convenient times our surgeons have set aside exclusively for Web visitors.

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